System Display / Controllers

SD50 Display

The SD50 Platform offers the very best in power, durability and flexibility.  The scalability of the SD50 system architecture allows 3PS to rapidly meet customers product needs.

SD50-DAQ Display

SD50-DAQ does not have the extreme durability of standard SD50 but offers the same power and configuration flexibility at a more aggressive price.

BGD Display Minimize

Simple LCD Display in a robust package, the BGD, was originally design for simple 2 fall cranes.  The BGD supports 2 A2B, 2 Load  Sensor, Angle Sensor, and Relay outputs.  The BGD can be used for other applications as well.


OPD Controller Minimize

Our most economic controller solution, OPD use a variety of alarm setups to monitor a single load channel and activate relays.

SD50-LT Display Minimize

When the extended temperature range of the original SD50 is not required, SD50-LT offers a higher-resolution display.

SD50-LT Portable Display Minimize

The SD50LT Portable Display has the same capabilities as the SD50LT but is repackaged for portable applications including instrumented sheave and FTLT applications

LMC Controller Minimize

When an integrated display is not required, LMC offers high performance at an aggressive price