Enhanced Torque and Tension Sub

3PS is proud to be the world leader in Wireless Torque & Tension Sub (TTS) Technology.  With units deployed since 2006 that are still in service today, no one else has the experience or installation base of 3PS.

3PS continues to lead with our Enhanced Torque & Tension Sub, featuring integrated turns.  This system supports torque-turn control for casing-running joint validation, using top drive or casing running tools.  

  • A single sensor capable of simultaneous Torque, Tension and Turns measurement
  • Wireless telemetry from the sensor sub to the receiver 
  • Two channels for redundant measurements 
  • Compatible with popular industry torque-turn software platforms
  • Dimensions manufactured to your specifications
  • Every TTS comes calibrated and certified by 3PS

Torque & Tension Performance

  • Static Error ±1% of Full Scale
  • Resolution 0.003% of Full Scale

Rotation (Turns) Performance

  • Static Error ±0.005 Turns
  • Resolution 0.001 Turns

Wireless Transmission: 2.4 GHz, Approved US (FC), Canada (IC), Europe (ETSI)

Hazardous Area Certification: North America: CSA/UL Class 1, Div. 1 Groups C & D and ATEX Zone 1, IIB, T4

Enclosure: Type 4X, Watertight Measurement

Load Rating: Per API 8C Torque

Capacity and Thread Specifications: Per API Spec 7-2

Battery Life: Approximately 10 days per channel (2 channels)

Connections: NC40, NC46, NC50, 6-5/8” Reg, 7-5/8” Regular (plus others) per API Spec 7-2

Shock Tested to 280G

Vibration Tested to 90 G

Temperature Range: -40 to 150 °F [-40 to +65 °C]

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The reliability of a direct torque measurement

No cable runs or encoder rig up: Reduces flat time between drilling and casing running

Less kit:  Reduced rig up time, only sub and laptop with usb receiver

Single device:  For drilling and casing running

3PS is partnered with Connection Technology for turnkey solution

Integrates with your current torque / turn software

Existing 3PS sensors can be upgraded for integrated turns

Works with all top drive casing running tools

Specification Sheet