Portable Aircraft Digital Scales (PADS)

When weighing an airliner, nothing is more important than accuracy and reliability. The 3PS PADS System delivers both. Its accuracy, dependability, ease-of-use and maintainability has led major aircraft manufacturers to choose PADS as the exclusive system for weighing their aircraft. PADS can be used for all aircraft and for other high accuracy weighing applications. Both the scale and display are ruggedized against physical abuse, shock and vibration, and are certified for use in Hazardous areas. Because its electronics assemblies are environmentally sealed and its stainless steel sensors are seal welded, the scale can be reliably set down into floor recesses.

  25K Scale  60K Scale
Capacity 25,000 lbs 60,000 lbs
Proof Load 37,500 lbs 90,000 lbs
Size 28 X 28 X 4 32 X 29 X 4
Weighing Platform 24 X 21 29 X 26
Tire Loading Area 22 X 19 22 X 27
Weight 110 lbs 160 lbs
Maximum Tire Loading 450 psi 450 psi
Maximum Floor Loading 200 psi 200 psi
Operating Temperature 30 - 130 F 30 - 130 F
Storage Temperature 0 - 150 F 0 - 150 F
Resolution 1 lb max 1 lb max
Power: Internal standard batteries
Accuracy: Total error +/- 1% of reading or 10 lbs for 60K-PAD or 6 lbs for 25K-PAD, whichever is greater. This includes the combined effects of linearity, repeatability, creep (4 hrs), and platform loading errors.
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Programmable averaging and motion detection

Flexible battery saving configurations

Sealed environmental protection

No measurement errors due to side-loads or non-level (up to 1 degree) platforms and no damage up to 10 degrees

Comprehensive Self-Diagnostics

Corrects for variations in the local gravitational constant

Minimum 1 00 hour battery life typical

Push-button Tare

11b. or 1 kg. Resolution

Ball and knife-edge load cell mounting

Four each double-ended shear beam standard load cells

Recessed hand-holds for easy handling by two people

Independent mounted feet for use on uneven surfaces

Specially designed high strength weigh bridge without welds